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Managing your Azure environment can be tedious. Well, we can empower your employees to concentrate on more important stuff while we handle the rest!.

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We strive to satisfy industry-recommended criteria while guaranteeing a stable security baseline that is consistent with cost optimization and load minimization. IT Company India offers the most affordable management services. Contact us right now to receive a quote!

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Key features of IT Company India Azure Managed Services

IT Company India has been setting the bar for preemptive Azure services since its advent. Our goal is to provide advanced managed services tailored to your organisation's requirements.

Azure Setup
Azure Setup
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Storage, Network and Cloud Management
Storage, Network and Cloud Management
Proactive Management
Proactive Management
Azure Deployment
Azure Deployment
Azure Cost Management and Optimisation
Azure Cost Management and Optimisation
VM Monitoring and Management
VM Monitoring and Management
Rapid Disaster Recovery
Rapid Disaster Recovery
DevOps Project Management
DevOps Project Management
 Ongoing Monitoring and Rightsizing
Ongoing Monitoring and Rightsizing
Robust Backup Services
Robust Backup Services
Security monitoring
Security monitoring

Work Together with Our Team to Utilise the Best of Azure

It may take much time to manage your Azure environment, so let us free up your teams to focus on what they do best while we take care of the rest. Our Azure Managed Solution is the service for you whether you're just getting started with Azure and need a partner to help you or a big customer who wants to ensure that expenses are optimised while exploring new Azure capabilities.

To provide continuous maintenance, configuration, security assessments, guidance, and support, we combine technology and automation with our staff of qualified Cloud Consultants.

To ensure you maintain control, we conform to the standards set by the industry's benchmarks. Speed, scalability, analytics, artificial intelligence, and more, from IT Company India to you!

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Microsoft Azure is a leader in both private and public clouds. It's an open cloud that gives you access to over 200 preconfigured services and the freedom to choose to utilise its tools. We assist you in entirely using the potential of Azure with the highest concentration of Azure Specialists.

In addition to improving the performance and availability of your Azure cloud, our experts can assist you in finding methods to save expenses, address knowledge and skill gaps, and lower risk. Our knowledge and expertise can strengthen your internal teams, ensuring that their investment in Azure continues to benefit the company. In addition, we provide you with personalised guidance to help you achieve your goals for the cloud.

Rest assured that your Azure cloud is in capable hands with IT Company India’s Azure Cloud Management.

Advantages of IT Company India-Managed Azure

While ensuring a reliable security baseline compatible with cost optimisation and load downsizing, we strive to meet industry-recommended benchmarks.

Hybrid Excellence Achieved Throughout the Process

Our objective is to ensure businesses can seamlessly migrate their workloads and services to the cloud and continue to handle a range of workloads while operating smoothly. When combined with add-on services, these services streamline management across many environments and give Azure environments improved baseline, platform, and workload operational knowledge, enabling our team to maintain a constant level of service throughout the process.

Hybrid Excellence

Economical Managed Service
High-Rate, Economical Managed Service

The time and money spent on infrastructure management can severely drain valuable resources. With our flexible pricing, we keep your Azure spaces in top condition and ensure they remain accessible.

Make the Most Out of Azure Features

Our evaluation, planning, design, migration, deployment, and optimization services can help you with anything from a single application to a whole datacenters transformation. Our IT Consultants can help you establish a bespoke Azure environment to maximise performance, dependability, uptime, and cost-effectiveness. With the help of our Azure Essentials Cost Management and Optimisation solution, you can cut the price of Azure resources for your company while increasing utilisation.

Azure Features

Gain from IT Company India’s Azure Expertise

Our team is fully capable of implementing and managing infrastructure and applications on the Azure cloud. We can help you make the transition to the cloud by designing, moving, and maintaining your infrastructure while utilising the essential elements that best fit your company model.

Azure Model

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your Azure configuration, we employ elimination, right-sizing, and allocation.

Most Effective Teamwork

We provide distinctive and synchronised execution services through Azure Cloud, and we've created efficient delivery tools, techniques, and accelerators to solve even the most challenging issues for our clients.

Cloud Expertise

The end-to-end expertise of the IT Company Pakistan, which spans strategy to operations, results in a complete understanding of the anticipated business outcomes for clients.

Present-Day Techniques

We help you connect the most recent Azure technical advancements with the objectives and goals of your business.


Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

Azure is a versatile and open cloud platform that enables rapid development, deployment, and management of applications in data centres. Azure connects public cloud services with the already-existing IT infrastructure and supports all popular operating systems, programming languages, and development tools. Any application can use Azure Cloud Services.

Azure offers a wide range of services; you can find almost every cloud computing product a company would want on the platform. Azure is the only consistent hybrid cloud that offers more regions than any other cloud provider in terms of breadth.

From small startups to extensive firms, Azure can be utilised by all sizes and types of businesses because of its openness and tremendous scalability.

Azure's various features can be tremendously valuable to enterprises. Replicating this level of computer power inside would be difficult and extremely expensive. However, Azure's on-demand licensing model enables businesses to utilise resources and cutting-edge technologies they may not otherwise have access to.

Microsoft's data centres have enough highly extended global fibre-optic cable networks that allow Azure to serve more geographic areas than any other cloud provider. Azure is hosted on data centres located all over the world.

Microsoft has made sure that Azure is as safe as possible because security and privacy are major concerns for organisations today. Users can now authenticate just once to access their Office 365, Azure, and other Software as a Service (SAAS) apps thanks to Microsoft Azure's integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

All new and existing storage accounts on Azure come with Storage Service Encryption. Your data is automatically protected.

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